The Houston, Texas-based Green Hotels Association Green Hotels which is “committed to encouraging, promoting, and supporting ecological consciousness in the hospitality industry in the hospitality industry,” was founded over 10 years ago.

I order to keep up-to-date on conservation technology and products, a number of hotels and restaurants are joining associations that can help them to “go green” and get the word out about their conservation efforts. The Hotel Association of Canada (HAC) offers a Green Key Eco-rating Program that award one to five green keys to hotels that meet guidelines established for such areas as environmental management, indoor air quality, solid and hazardous waste, land use, and community outreach. The program which can be viewed on the association’s website, Green Key offers tips that can be applied by corporate environmental management, housekeeping, food and beverage operations, conference and meetings facilities, and engineering.

Restaurants also have their own national environmental organization, the Green Restaurant Association Dine-Green which has established environmental guidelines for restaurants, provides lists of endorsed products. In addition, “green restaurants” associations have been established in many cities and regions. Green My Cuisine Green My Cuisine is in the San Francisco Bay area. The Green Restaurants program can be found in the Chicago area Green Restaurants website.

For more information about “Going Green” see Hospitality Sales and Marketing, Fifth edition by James R. Abbey.