Free Hospitality Training

1. Enroll and receive one course tuition-free

On Hold during the …… $10 COURSE PROMOTION
For a limited time, we will issue one free hospitality training course when you register for either the twelve course Hospitality Management Diploma or the Food and Beverage Management Diploma programs. We will issue you a non-transferable and non-refundable credit to pay for the final course you take for the 12 course program. You only pay for the course textbook.

2. Pay only for the current course you are taking!

Even though you enroll in the Diploma program, you can complete the twelve course requirement one course at a time. Because you only have to pay for the current course you are taking, you can schedule your home study program to suit your budget and time commitments. With no time requirement on using your free hospitality training course bonus, you can complete your diploma certification on your own schedule.

3. Take advantage of the Pay-in-Advance Bonus

In addition, if you pay in advance for the entire 12 course home-study training in either of the two diploma programs, we give you the eleventh course tuition-free. Therefore you pay for ten courses and get twelve courses! It is not completely free, but it helps!

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