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Graduate from the 12-course Food and Beverage Management Diploma and master key management and operational skills expected of the Lodging and Food Service industry’s top performers.

Add the “Hospitality Management Diploma” to your credentials!

12-Course Hospitality Management Curriculum:

100 – The Lodging and Food Service Industry (1010)
387 – Security and Loss Prevention Management (1030)
468 – Managing Technology in the Hospitality Industry (1050)
250 – Supervision in the Hospitality Industry (1060)
261 – Basic Hotel and Restaurant Accounting (1070)
349 – Managing Service in Food and Beverage Operations (1080)
354 – Training and Development for the Hospitality Industry (1100)
281 – Hospitality Facilities Management and Design (1120)
245 – Food Safety: Managing the HACCP Process (1140)
445 – Purchasing for Food Service Operations (1150)
464 – Planning & controls for Food & Beverage Operations (1190)
346 – Managing Beverage Operations (1210)

These courses can be taken one by one or simultaneously… Generally, each course represents about 60 hours of study content, but this can vary from person to person. Included with most of the textbooks are key terms, review questions, recommended internet sites, case Studies, references, and additional and valuable ready-to-use materials in the appendices. To these, Hospitality Courses Online adds online coaching, a progress test for each chapter, and an invaluable set of highlights to prepare you for the final exam.

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