Overcoming Student Debt

Student debt has skyrocketed in recent years. Over 360,000 students apply for federal student loans each year in Canada and many of them have to work full-time during school or delay their educations to pay for post-secondary education. Many students who persevere are riddled with stress, anxiety and financial woes well after their school lives are over. [Matt Kieltyka, 24 HOURS – January 22, 2009]

-“You can call for the federal government to make affordable post-secondary education a priority… and then wait to see it happen, and wait and wait, and wait or take the matter in your own hands, not just by doing things right but by doing the right thing!

Let me explain: you’ve made the right decision in taking the first steps for your professional development. But, would it be the right thing to get further into debt to achieve your goals and then face years of stress due to anxiety; of course not?

THERE IS AN AFFORDABLE ALTERNATIVE. I can offer you a reasonable plan that will deliver the same results all the way to certification and graduation, without the financial woes, the stress or the anxiety that come with student loans. If you can afford a latte and a croissant on your way to work, you can afford online hospitality courses with Amery Gabriel Private Educational Institute. Whether you’re interested in contemporary club management or in a rooms’ division manager’s course, you don’t even have to quit your current job! Give us a try and see how easy it is for you…”


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